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Rick Dell Photography - Claire and Geoff’s wedding day

Adlington Hall and The Hunting Lodge

Adlington Hall is one of the most impressive wedding venues in cheshire.

I love working there as the venue is brilliant for wedding photography.

The Hall is totally unique , if you have not seen it it is worth a look.

I captured Claire being very relaxed on her wedding day during her preparations at home . Claire was even writing out Thank you cards .

Geoff on the other hand was quite emotional at the top of the aisle when he saw Claire for the first time.

He looked back from the top of the aisle and was obviously amazed at Claire and their big day.

This is something that when I see it I feel honoured to be there at their special day and it also reminds me how important the day is to the bride and groom. It is not just the day it is the build up to the day , the preparations that went into the day and how a couple feel about each other and their special day.

The ceremony was lovely in amazing surroundings we then went on what was a lovely warm day around the largeĀ  gardens and captured lots of great images

Then the couple with their young daughter had fun during their wedding reception and of course enjoyed the Ice cream .

I was able to capture lots of images with them mingling with their guests.

Before they enjoyed their wedding breakfast.

This was a lovely wedding day.

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