Vicky and Kris’s Oak Tree Wedding

Vicky and Kris’s Wonderful  Wedding at The Oak Tree of Peover was great fun all day .

I enjoyed meeting Vicky and Kris in our pre meetings and engagement shoot and was looking forward to a wedding at a venue I had not worked at before.

But having done all my detailed homework of The Oak Tree of Peover near Knutsford in Cheshire I knew it would be great for wedding photography and there were so many opportunities to  for capturing great natural wedding images.

I also had the added bonus of sunny weather all day something I have been very lucky  with this year .

After images captured at Vicky’s parents house in the morning , I arrived at The Oak Tree of Peover to see 6 Super Heroes all dressed to capture some really fun images. It was very hilarious to see them run together Kris , his 2 Best men and the ushers .

With the backdrop of a golf course with bunkers and putting greens .

The ceremony  had nerves, emotion ,laughter and some tears  but  most of all it was a very beautiful ceremony .

And then the school choir from the school where Vicky works in Lymm  did a brilliant job singing Happy which was very suitable for this wedding day  , then after capturing lots of images of Vicky and Kris there was lots of time to capture images of the couple chatting and having a fun time  with family and friends. The speeches were emotional and so funny I had to laugh. During the early evening there was some time to capture the sun setting before lots of dancing. It was a pleasure to help two such lovely people on their special day and to meet 6 super Heroes !

By Rick.

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