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Mere Court Hotel

A brilliant wedding venue, built in 1903 and now restored into a fine, country house hotel.

The Mere Court Hotel can be found in the heart of Cheshire , I have been recomended by their team for over 15  years  . It was originally built as a wedding present for Amy and William Dunkerley in 1903 and ever since then it has gained plenty of attention from both happy couples and the local community. It has won a huge range of awards and it has been restored since it was originally built as well so you know that it can give you an outstanding level of comfort and luxury from the moment you step inside. The hotel itself is four stars and the grounds have over 7 acres of stunning landscaped gardens as well. There is a private lake and this sets the perfect background for any photo, adding a natural sense of peace and tranquility while also ensuring that you get the perfect setting to sum up your special day.

With Mere Court being set in the most desirable part of Cheshire, you can feel confident knowing that this is certainly the perfect venue for any couple and we have worked with the venue on many occasions. This means that we know how things work and our experience with the grounds makes it easier than ever for us to achieve the best result. The team members are always happy to assist in any way that they possibly can and if you ever have any questions then all you need to do is ask them and they’ll be there.There are 3 rooms you can have your wedding cermony in and outside under a pagoda .

If you want to find out more about Mere Court or if you want to choose this as your ideal wedding venue then all you need to do is give them a call today. Alternatively, you could browse through some of the photos we have for Mere Court so you can get a better idea of what they have to offer.

I am a recommended  professional photographer by The Mere Court Hotel Team.And I lnow this venue like the back of my hand .