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Hassop Hall

Hassop Hall Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Hassop, near Bakewell, close to all the attractions of the Peak District.

Hassop Hall can be found in Hassop which is very near to Bakewell. This is very close to all the various attractions of the Peak District and this is a prime location for any wedding ceremony. Of course, the hotel has plenty of stunning gardens and there are rolls of parkland as well so you can look out of the window and feel like you are truly away in the countryside. The cosy bar and sitting room is suitable for weddings and those who want to relax after their big day and you can even have drinks before the wedding starts if this is something you’d like to do. There are 13 bedrooms in total and these are all in the main building. You will also find that they have an en-suite and plenty of individually furnished items that help to give the hotel its charm.

I have had the pleasure of photographing this hotel many times and it is safe to say that it is one of the finest hotels in the area at the moment. It is ideal for weddings and the team that work there would be more than happy to work with you to make sure you get the service that you want. They can also help you to plan your wedding if this is something you are struggling with so you won’t have any problems there. If you want to find out more then all you need to do is contact the hotel today because they will be able to help you with anything you need and they are very polite as well. Alternatively, you could always take a look at the other photographs I have taken at Hassop Hall to see if this location is suitable for you in terms of hosting your special day.