Sarah and Dave’s Mottram Hall Wedding Day.

Sarah and Dave’s Wedding Day was  at Mottram Hall and Northcliffe chapel in Styal .

The brides view. Sarah Knight reviewed Rick Dell Photography .

Rick Dell was our wedding photographer on bank holiday Sunday at Norcliffe chapel and Mottram Hall. What can we say?! Rick truly is an amazing a photographer. His professionalism, talent and creativity really stands out compared to other photographers we’ve seen. He was a pleasure to work with on the day and the lead up to it.
Thank you so much Rick, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Written by Sarah the bride .


Well I was certainly looking forward to this wedding having met Sarah and Dave on their pre wedding shoot I knew this was going to be a very happy wedding and fun with lots of smiles.
The Brides prep was at  Mottram Hall and with the many smiles it was easy to capture so many natural memories. A couple of the ladies were actually holiday rep entertainers and their humour shone through all day.
The couple wanted lots of natural images so they got lots of natural images.
As well as a great couple we also had hot sunny weather and lots of blue sky which would last all day .
I was then off to Northcliffe chapel in styal which is one of the most photogenic churches set in very rural surroundings.
And a chance to work with Penny the vicar who I 1st met in my rookie year in 1996 .Penny was standing in for regulat Vicar Alex who was on holiday .
Before the groomsmen walked down to the church there was the obligatory stop at  the Ship Inn pub for a pint [ only ]   for Dave and his family. well it would be rude not to !
After a lovely ceremony and a confetti shot at one of the most famous litchgates in Cheshire  it was then time to go to the very scenic Mottram Hall .
And in style with Horgans Cars , the best for service,
I have known Horgans over 20 years and they have always had great drivers .
After lots of images of Sarah and David which was very important to them , there was some group images and then plenty of time for the couple to spend time in the sun with their wedding guests.
Also great to meet Peter the toastmaster a great man and a real help on the day .
The speeches were totally hilarious and had the whole room inlaughter including me .
I think the best mens  speeches were amongst the funniest ever !
Another advantage of Mottram Hall were the sunset and night shots and I capture a few of those before the dancing.
Before the dancing was the cutting of an epic cake , certainly worth a look at in this blog,
I like Batman .
It was then the end of this epic wedding day at Mottram Hall and a great pleasure to help a great couple in Dave and Sarah.
here are just a few of my favorite images of their special day
by Rick Dell
Big Mentions to
Mottram Hall
Horgans wedding cars.
Peter Burrows Toastmaster



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