Sarah and Daves Arley Hall Wedding

Sarah and Dave’s amazing wedding day was at Arley Hall in Cheshire  and had a really interesting , classy and photogenic Great Gatsby  theme  from the 1920’s.

They were also lucky caught with their wedding date in the middle of a all blue sky very hot heat wave ,

Temparature got to over 30 degrees, and so this added to the perfect outside ceremony setting of Arley Hall .

There was no guessing will it be inside or outside ?

I arrived to a very relaxed Sarah  having her make up and hair done at Arley Hall and took lots of images of the most amazing gardens .

I have been several times to Arley Hall before and new all the best photo spots but seeing the cylinder shape conifers again and the many types of flower is always a good experience .

Dave turned up in a fantastic car and all the groomsmen had top hats .

The ceremony was in the beautiful gardens and  Sarah’s dress  by Cheadle Bride and make up was very beautiful .

One of the highlights was certainly the Owl flying to the best man with the wedding rings.

Owls supplied by  nearby Stockley Farm .

The Best Man looked a little bit nervous as this awesome Owl flew in and landed on his hand.

After the ceremony it was time for photos in the garden and some inside the amazing Arley Hall.

Even the staff wore Great Gatsby 1920’s  outfits and many of the guests .

Just Class !

The guests because of the heat had to go inside  after a while as it was so hot, normally that is only in times of rain in England .

The Speeches were funny and rarely for any wedding  the bride  Sarah got up up to speak .

But I  have to say the grooms speech was exceptional and heart felt.

In the Evening I did some low sun shots and then there was lots of dancing into the evening .

And it was a great pleasure to help Sarah and Dave on their  Arley Hall wedding day.

By Rick Dell

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