Sam and James’s Cheadle House Wedding

Sam and James’s Wedding day at Cheadle House was a brilliant wedding full of extra touches and this made for a really fun wedding and enjoyable for all the guests .

The Brides Kind Review.

Rick photographed our wedding day on the 28th July at Cheadle House. He was very professional and helpful on the day, making sure he collected all the shots we had asked for.

Our wedding photographs are absolutely stunning and we have had so many positive comments. We can’t wait to choose our favourite shots and see them in our album, which will be produced by Rick.

We would recommend Rick in a flash for a professional, modern approach to wedding photography. He went out of his way to ensure he captured every special moment. Thanks so much Rick. Mr & Mrs Tilbury.

The Day At Cheadle House.

I have done so many weddings there as it is so close to my house in neighbouring Heald Green .

I turned up to the very local venue for me of  Cheadle House [ all of 1.5 miles from my house ] in cheadle Royal , cheadle  to first see James’s amazing and very skilful work in the main suite.

James is a high school design teacher and the table names were produced on wood by James, there was a block of wood from a  section of a tree for everyone to sign at the wedding

These are details because of James’s Skill  I had never seen before.

I then found an excited and smiling Sam in one of the main bedroom suites on the top floor of Cheadle House. Very spacious for all the bridesmaids and hair and make up team. And a balcony!

Th ceremony room was well decorated and having taken some shots of the groom and his best men it was time for a lovely ceremony.

after the confettii  shots I managed to gain some romantic images of Sam and James .

Then the Manchester changeable weather came !

But it made for natural running for cover shots which the couple really liked.

When it came to the wedding breakfast , in there very well decorated room with lots of personal touches  , there was first a true and false quiz for the guests , questions about Sam and James mostly very funny and a prize !!

Not seen that before and it was done so well ! Certainly added to the day !

After the very funny speeches in which included James threatning a speech that was going to be one week long !!  Thank god it was not , in fact it was  a funny speech and well delivered like James was in front of the class .

The wedding Breakfast came to an end and there were  2 more firsts for me and the guests .

Firstly an amazing and personal moment for Sam and James as they would do a gender reveal of their baby due in a few months. WOW !!

Well it was revealed by balloon , inside a black balloon little balloons would come out.

Blue for a boy

Pink for a girl

Answer IT’s A BOY !!

Spontaneusly the room was very loud and an emotional time for all the close family, what a special moment !

After this another 1st

A game of Mr and Mrs hosted by the DJ at Cheadle house.

Sam and James were back to back with 2 different coloured table tennis bats , for some very amusing results , although I noticed they largely were the same.

Well done Sam and James and on their baby ! Congrats !

After night shots and dancing it was time for my coverage at Cheadle House to finish.

It certainly was a great pleasure and great fun to help Sam and James on their Cheadle house wedding day


Rick Dell



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