Rhea and Alan’s Bartle Hall Wedding

Rhea and Alan’s Amazing Wedding day at Immanuel Church in Blackburn and Bartle Hall near Preston in Lancashire.

The Brides view by Rhea Burton-Roberts

If I could rate Rick 6 stars, I would. We met Rick 2 years before our wedding at the Event City wedding fair; he was the first photographer that we met here and from then on we didn’t bother trying to find another one; he blew us away. Throughout planning our wedding, I was looking for suppliers that I could chat to, that were friendly, and that I had a connection with – Rick was so well suited to us and his products and style matched what we were looking for perfectly. Throughout the whole process; from meeting him, to our engagement shoot, to the planning and the actual wedding, Rick was akways so professional. I can’t describe how elated we were when we went to view our wedding photos last night; Rick captured the day absolutely perfectly and we were blown away – I don’t know how we’ll choose the ones for the album! Another thing to note is that Rick’s products are second to none, he has lots of fresh, new ideas and isn’t a photographer that is stuck or set in his ways; he is always up for trying something new. The quality of his work speaks volumes. If for any reason you are debating between two photographers or you are stuck in a field of wedding planning; go to visit Rick and your decision will be made there and then. Thank you so much Rick for capturing our day so perfectly; these photos are the memories that will stay with us always. Not only did we book a new photographer, we met a new friend and it was a pleasure to share our day with you. xx.

by Rhea.


My blog with some of my favorite images of the day.

Rhea and Alan were an amazing and fun couple , I met them at a fayre and through that meeting and the pre wedding shoot , I just knew we would gain lots of happy , natural images through out their wedding day .

I might of been feeling a bit older that day but I was looking forward to the day and importantly the weather was to be dry all day.

I joined the very beautiful Bride and her parents house near Blackburn and started capturing images of the fun and very well organised chaos which is the brides prepartions.Also must give a big mention to Ruby Slippers Makeup & Hair http://www.rubyslippersmua.co.uk/ for their service.

After the fun and relaxed atmosphere out the house it was off to see Alan and the men at the Church.

Rhea arrived with her Dad and then the service was emotional , well certainly emotional for Rhea’s chief Bidesmaid.

Then something rare after all the confetti throwing Alan then pulled up next to the church and drove Rhea all the way to Bartle Hall and the Balmoral suite for their Wedding reception .I was impressed .

Then after capturing some natural images of a very romantic couple it was the wedding breakfast.

The speeches were hilarious.I had to laugh they were so funny and understandably emotional .

With 2 memorable dances for Rhea, one with her Dad and her 1st dance with her husband Alan it was then off to do more night photography where we found at Bartle Hall a photogenic staircase and mirror.

With sparkler fun in the evening it was then the end of my coverage from a very memorable Wedding day at Bartle Hall .2016-10-31_01232016-10-31_01262016-10-31_0004 2016-10-31_0001 2016-10-31_0003 2016-10-31_0012 2016-10-31_0011 2016-10-31_00102016-10-31_0013 2016-10-31_0014 2016-10-31_0009 2016-10-31_0008 2016-10-31_0006 2016-10-31_0019 2016-10-31_0017 2016-10-31_0016 2016-10-31_0021 2016-10-31_00232016-10-31_0024 2016-10-31_0025 2016-10-31_0026 2016-10-31_0027 2016-10-31_0028 2016-10-31_00292016-10-31_0037 2016-10-31_0031 2016-10-31_0036 2016-10-31_0035 2016-10-31_0034 2016-10-31_0038 2016-10-31_00392016-10-31_0040

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