Miles and Ed’s Civil Partnership.

This truly was a brilliant civil partnership which I did over a year ago now.

The Location at Port Merion in North Wales was awesome and the arrival of Miles and Ed on the day of their civil partnership in a Helicopter was also awesome.

Angie Brown’s singing added massively to the occasion in the evening.

I also got to work with one of my favourite Toastmasters Simon Hood who was a friend of the couple and again did a brilliant job on the day.

The weather was good dry with some blue sky.

It was a very memorable ceremony with lots of candles in the ceremony room, a welsh choir and an emotional occasion.. Afterwards I had some beautiful backdrops for the photography.

Then lots of images with the couple enjoying their day with their guests.

I had a long way to travel for this job but I really enjoyed getting to know Miles and Ed and the day was brilliant and also very funny in places.

By Rick Dell.

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