Leigh and Dave’s Cheadle House Wedding Day

Leigh and Dave’s Cheadle House Wedding Day was a fantastic family wedding day.

Cheadle House is just round the corner just Two miles away from my house I have done many many weddings there and know various photo spots there  as I know the local aread so well. Cheadle House is in Cheadle cheshire and weddings are very private exclusive there .

I arrived at Cheadle House to see Leigh and 2 of her 4 children they were the flower girls

And her sister doing hair for bridesmaids  and lots of excitement , there was lots of activity .

Cheadle House have great brides preparation suits on the top floor with lots of space for bridesmaids  family , make up artists and hair stylists , oh and a huge bath ! And a balcony .

Dave arrived and was with his best man ,  the couples 2 sons and a great spider man impressionist , I was impressed ! they were just like the films !!

The ceremony room was awesome and the ceremony a lovely one with their children present well most of them most of the time .

We then after the ceremony went off for photos  , Romantic and fun ones a real mixture .

The wedding reception meant lots of time for Leigh and Dave to talk to their family and friends at Cheadle House

Before their wedding breakfast , something I am a fan of , you get to spend time talking to the people who matter on your wedding day

I recently did my friend s wedding and further realised its importance .

the Speeches were fun and I could see what a great day their special day was with their family.

The dance floor presented a great photo opportunity and there was dancing then Sparklers

It was an absolute pleasure to help Leigh and Dave and their lovely family on their Cheadle house wedding day , I hope they have a long and happy life together




venue  https://www.cheadlehousemanchester.co.uk/partner/cheadle-house/weddings/




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