Kath and Des’s Wedding day at St James in Sutton and The Deanwater in woodford

Kath  and Des’s wedding day At St James in Sutton near Macclesfield and The Deanwater Hotel in Woodford , Stockport.
I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of Kath and Des at the Deanwater Hotel in Woodford, Stockport.
As the recommended photographer for The Deanwater Hotel in Cheshire they booked me having met me at my home studio in Heald Green and after they had viewed my work of The Deanwater Hotel which is one of the best venues in Cheshire for weddings.
 The Deanwater Hotel is set in the finest Cheshire countryside next to the river Dean and is family owned for over 40 years. It also has brilliant, well trained staff and is very well managed, I would recommend to anyone for a perfect wedding venue.
 Having photographed at the Deanwater and St James in Sutton  on many occasions I know all the best photography spots and they are both beautiful venues for wedding photography.
I started the day at Kath’s Parents house in Sutton  with her preparation’s. Kath’s dress was  perfect and the flowers which included white Gerbas . The living room had been transformed into the brides dress and accessory room . I captured some images in the back garden which had a backdrop of hills .  I then met Des in the local pub with his groomsmen and mini ushers before walking to St James and its picturesque winding walk to the church door.
St James in Sutton is certainly one of the most beautiful churches for any couple to get married in.
After a few photographs by the church gates at the bottom of the hill we left for The Deanwater. This venue is magnificent for wedding photographs and you certainly, unlike some other venues, do not need to stop off at a local park or fields.
I believe in producing natural beautiful wedding images which will be cherished forever and making sure the bride and groom at all the weddings I undertake spend lots of time with their friends and family and they can enjoy the biggest day of their lives. And have a drink or three.
I also like capturing these natural spontaneous moments when they are simply talking and laughing with their guests.
The end of the day was captured with romantic wedding photography images on the dance floor and some night-time outdoor
It was a pleasure to be their Deanwater wedding photographer for the day.
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