Jenna and Tom’s Statham Lodge Wedding

Wedding photography at Statham Lodge.

Jenna and Tom’s Wedding Day at St Johns in  Chorlton and Statham Lodge was an amazing wedding day with an amazing image at the end of the day to remember.

Rain !

Lots of Rain !

The Bride and Groom outside in the rain !

And when I see this level of rain in the evening I am no longer worried about rain and we all have to go inside .

It can be about gaining really different and amazing and creative images,

Tom and Jenna loved this cover image on my blog  and it and it gained over 400 like on facebook. With many people commenting WOW !

I started my day by driving the long distance of  0.5 miles from my house in Heald Green  to the brides parents house in Heald Green for the  brides preparations and meeting Jenna and the Bridesmaids.

After this I was off to meet Tom and the groomsmen at St Johns Catholic Church in Chorlton .

There was a great family atmosphere at the Church with Tom and his family and then Jenna arrived in a White Taxi with her beautiful dress.

Tom might of looked a bit nervous but when Jenna arrived at the top of the aisle there were smiles everywhere.

The ceremony certainly had touches of humour because of the brilliant Father Pat who I  can honestly say has a great sense of humour and puts everyone at ease, a very funny man .

We had a tunnel confetti shot before leaving for one of my personal favorite wedding venues Statham Lodge [ well it was where me and Anne had our wedding reception ] .

Statham Lodge near Lymm in cheshire has great grounds for pictures and having done so many weddings there I know the best places for shots.

I continued to capture more of those relaxed informal images through out the day including the very very funny speeches and natural spontaneus moments .

After nights shots and dance shots I thought I was on my way home.

I was packing up all my equipment and I think I had even said goodbye to Jenna and Tom and wished them the very best on their wedding day .

But then as I looked outside I became very aware that despite the dry  sunny day earlier it was  raining very heavily, the heavens had opened !!

I then spoke to Tom and Jenna and we went out with a very good brolly and captured some rain images.

A very unexpected bonus a Statham Lodge rain shot .

It certainly was a pleasure to help Tom and Jenna on their  wedding day to remember at Statham Lodge


Rick Dell





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