Emma and Matt’s wedding day at Mottram Hall

Emma and Matt’s Wedding day was at the beautiful setting of Mottram Hall in Cheshire.

The cutomers kind review

We were immediately impressed with Rick’s personality, his obvious passion for his work and his intimate knowledge of our wedding venue (Mottram Hall).

From the outset we were confident that Rick would do an exceptional job at our wedding and the evidence of his previous work demonstrates his skill and love of photography. Rick invited us to view albums that he has previously produced and discussed our options in a friendly and relaxed manner. We were given time to select an appropriate option before committing to anything and we were always confident that if our requirements changed for any reason, Rick would do his very best to accommodate them.

As someone who does not particularly like having his photograph taken, I have to say that Rick’s approach is excellent. We took up the option of an ‘Engagement Photo Shoot’ a few weeks prior to the wedding so that we were aware of what Rick wanted from us on the day, and so that we could make sure that we were relaxed and fully prepared. We worked with Rick to determine which photographs we liked and he took this information forward to the wedding day to ensure that the photographs exactly met with our requirements.

On the day of the wedding, Rick was exceptional and he arrived suitably early so that he could be fully set up and ready to capture the key moments of the day. The guests at the wedding commented on how professional Rick was and we were highly impressed with his ability to ‘blend into the background’ and capture his shots without intruding.
Rick stayed later than we had agreed as he knew that some of the best shots could be taken at night. This is something that he didn’t have to do and it must be said, he went above and beyond to get some of the best pictures in the album after the sun had set.

Overall, we cannot recommend Rick Dell highly enough. From our initial meeting, we had every confidence that the end result would be outstanding. Having received our wedding album and after showing it to friends and family, we must say that our expectations were exceeded on all counts. The album itself is unlike any that I have ever seen and the quality of the photographs is simply amazing.

If you are looking for an exceptional wedding photographer then Rick is definitely your man. You will not be disappointed with the results that he produces and his commitment to quality cannot be questioned.

Thanks for your great work!

Matt and Emma Pearce – Mottram Hall – 6/8/16


Emma and Matt’s Wedding day was at the beautiful setting of Mottram Hall in Cheshire.

It was a very very happy Wedding day with glorious sun, hot , with blue skys  and with lots of smiling faces especially from the very happy Emma and Matt.

With such a lovely bride like Emma with a lot of personality I knew it would be a great wedding to attend at Mottram Hall near Macclesfield in Cheshire.

After the some natural shots of the brides prep with Emma and her Bridesmaid and Mum I then went to meet Mat with his best man and family , then it was time for the ceremony in the St Andrews suite.

Again there were lots of smiles during the whole ceremony and then it was time to take full advantage of the great photo opprotunities at Mottram Hall [ a brilliant venue for wedding photography ]

Then I got some great help  from a great Toastmaster Peter Burrows tel: 01625 871256  Email:  [email protected] Web: www.pbtoastmaster.co.uk he helped with the gathering of the group images  and through out the wedding reception .

The speeches were very funny I just had to laugh and then it was time for some shots and a fun evening reception which included more of those natural images of the couple miggling with their friends and the 1st dance,

I always like doing some creative night images which Emma and Mat really wanted so after those special images it was time for Elvis to enter the building and for me to leave the building after I had taken some images of Elvis  and thanked Emma and Mat for having me at their Wedding at Mottram Hall .

These are some of my favorite images of Emma and Matt’s Mottram Hall Wedding  and it was a great pleasure to help them on their special day.

by Rick Dell

www.mottram hall.co.uk




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