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Rick Dell Photography - Rachael and David’s Crabwall Manor Wedding

Rachael and David’s Wedding day was at the very Pictuesque Crabwall Manor near Chester in Cheshire.

Crabwall Manor is a fantastic venue for Wedding photography.


The Bride and Grooms kind Review.


Rick was the photographer at our wedding in July 2016 and we can’t thank him enough for everything he did for us. We met him at a Event City wedding fair and as soon as I saw his beautiful photo albums I knew we had to book him for our wedding. I am admittedly really picky so this was a big decision but he listened to everything I wanted and I knew he would do a great job.
We had several meetings with him before the day and also an engagement shoot at Dunham Massey, one of our favourite places, where he took some beautiful photos so by the time the wedding day came I was really confident that he would capture the day perfectly. I also thought it was fantastic that he made the time to visit the venue before the day and spent the morning there looking around for the best places to take shots.
On the day he was brilliant and kept everything calm, particularly when my videographer was three hours late, he even offered to try and capture some video footage for me if the videographer didn’t make the ceremony! He went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly.
We love our photographs and our wedding album is absolutely stunning. I love the box which we have proudly on display in our living room and the way he has laid it all out is beautiful. Thank you so much Rick
Rachael and David x

Rachael and David’s Wedding day  was simply an epic Wedding, A great couple that I had got to know better after  the engagement shoot at Dunham Massey  ,  at a venue that looked a lot like a castle with beautiful grounds for photographs , with Owls , 2 Doves  to release an Amazing Red Sky and very importantly  a very AWESOME Firework display which I Loved.

I also had the great help from my 2nd Photographer Sam Ingle, a really nice guy and a good young photographer. Thank you Sam you were great.

The brides Preparations was my 1st point of the day where I met an excited Rachael and her bridesmaids and the beautiful flowrs provided by .

The ceremony was a lovely and emotional one under a flower Arch  and then it was out to release  2 Doves and meet a beautiful Owl.

Then I made use of some fantastic grounds for pictures at Crabwall Manor.

The reception  had emotional speeches both heart felt and very funny, the whole room laughed.

In the evening it was time for a barbacue and ice cream . a great combination in my opinion.

In the evening I 1st captured after the romantic 1st dance and father  and daughter dance a spectacular Red sky over Crabwall Manor.

Then the main event of the evening a superb and most awesome Firework Display which all the guests fully enjoyed, with lots of rockets, guests with sparklers  and a muti coloured lite sky.

After a few more night images it was finally time for me and Sam to leave this epic wedding day.

And it certainly was a pleasure to help Rachael and David on their fun packed special wedding day at Crabwall Manor near Chester.


Rick Dell

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