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Rick Dell Photography - Rach and Zak’s Samlesbury Hall Wedding


Rach and Zak’s Wedding day at St John’s Church in Manchester and Samlesbury Hall in Lancashire.


The Bride’s Kind review

Rick did the photos for our wedding in July  and we were very impressed by the results.

We met Rick at Event City wedding fair a few years back and while we spoke to a few photographers, his assistant really drew us in and the package he was offering was really good. We then arranged an appointment with Rick and was even more impressed by some of the work in display in his home studio. He instantly made us feel comfortable and relaxed – something some of the other photographers we had spoken to didn’t do!

Throughout the run up to our wedding, we had a number of meetings to discuss ideas and thoughts for what photos we would want. As part of our package we had an engagement shoot which really helped in getting to know Rick better and feeling comfortable with him so we could find out what shots we wanted, ones that he liked to do and to enable us to relax on the big day.

When it came to the day, Rick had clearly done his homework on the church and our venue as he already knew where to take the best shots.

When we picked up our wedding album we were amazed! The results were fantastic! He captured the day brilliantly and the way he arranged the album itself was really clever. Thanks so much Rick!

by Rachel Hawley.


My blog and some of my favourite images.

Rach and Zak’s were a really fun couple to help on their wedding day, something I found out about during the Engagement shoot. And like all good weddings the bride had lots of personality and laughed all day.

I met Rach at her parents house for some preparation shots before meeting Zak and the groomsmen at the church.

They arrived in style with the brilliant service of Horgans Wedding cars tel 01614915087 .I can highly recommend these guys.

There was rain early but the rain went to be replaced by hot July sun and lots of blue sky.

After the ceremony at St Johns it was time for a bagpiper then to the picturesque surroundings of Samlesbury Hall near Preston in Lancashire.

They arrived in their classy Horgans car to hear the brilliant Singer Paul Guard Telephone: 01995 600855  Mobile: 07740 080809  Email: [email protected].

He sung to them when they arrived and entertained everyone at the Wedding. He was brilliant.

I captured lots of natural memories of the couple at Samlesbury Hall and they had plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings with their guests and simply socialise and enjoy their wedding day.

During the wedding breakfast Paul Guard was amazing as he got lots of the guests involved in singing, dancing and having lots of fun and laughter.

Then the totally hilarious speeches and I certainly captured lots of emotion all around the room.

There was then the 1st dance and everyone joined in ,it certainly was a big pleasure to help Rach and Zak on their special day at Samlesbury Hall

by Rick Dell .


Highly recommended quality wedding services.

www.samlesbury Hall

Singer Paul Guard

Horgans Wedding cars tel 01614915087 .





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