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Rick Dell Photography - Lucy and Jack’s Ringwood Hall Wedding

Lucy and Jack’s Wedding day was at the very scenic and beautiful village of Eyam in Derbyshire , at their local Church which was full of history and the amazing Ringwood Hall near Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

Having met Lucy and Jack on the pre wedding shoot which was great fun on a farm , where we ended up in a field of cows on a hill in Derbyshire  [great fun  ] , I was looking forward to this wedding day .

I first went to Lucy’s parents house in the village of Eyam just a very short distance from St Lawrence’s  Eyam church where Lucy was with her Family and Bridesmaids having her make up done.

I captured images of the beautiful dress and the matching design shoes and bag.

One of the bridesmaids was Jacks twin sister.

There was certainly some nervous excitement there.

Then I went to one of the most Idylic churches in my 20 years as a professional wedding photographer that I had ever seen to meet Jack  and the men.

With the weather dry I was able to capture lots of natural images as the guests arrived.

Lucy arrived with her Dad and sister in a Rolls Royce and a few nerves .

But when Lucy got to the top of the aisle they both smiled at each other and there was a thumbs up from the best man !  from then on Lucy and Jack had a very happy day .

I have to say the cermony was lovely and the priest just  brilliant as he gave the couple a cake that he made with their names on, I had not seen this kind idea before.

We did have a short stop at Chatsworth House for photos before arriving at Ringwood Hall near Chesterfield in Derbyshire .

We had a brilliant manager to look after us during the photography at the great grounds of Ringwood Hall , he even carried my camera bag around [ which weighs a ton !! ] again another 1st,

Then we had the totally hilarious speeches which were all funny. But the best man had reserched and with a lot  of homework  then produced a very very funny speech totally at the grooms great expense, it was certainly very hard to keep my concentration  as I had to laugh.

The weather stayed dry so we captured some great night images which included a brolly shot or two .

We then had dancing  before it was time for my wedding photography coverage to finish and it certainly was a great pleasure to help Lucy and Jack on their wedding day at Ringwood Hall.

Below are some of my favorite images of the day .

by Rick Dell

Ringwood Hall




A soft romantic image at Ringwood Hall of Lucy and Jack.


Black and White night photography at Ringwood Hall in Derbyshire.

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The beautiful Church of St Lawrence’s Church, Eyam

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