Rick Dell Photography - Kelly and Ryans Hyde Bank Wedding

Kelly and Ryans Hyde Bank Wedding

Hyde Bank Farm near Romiley  in Stockport Cheshire  is one of my favourite venues.

A family run farm managed by the  Blackhurst family who are really lovely people.

Having met Kelly and Ryan in pre meetings which I have with all my wedding couples  and had a practice shoot at Hyde bank Farm  I was really looking forward to doing their wedding photography. We had got to know each other, And Kelly importantly was not nervous in front   of the camera and was more excited thinking of her Wedding day  now .

We also as got lucky with the weather and this all helped for me to capture some really natural images from start to finish.

Kelly did not want any photography at the bides house before the wedding so with all my totally bespoke packages I started my coverage at Hyde Bank Farm with groom of the day Ryan.

We met early for a few shots and then I captured images of the guests arriving the guests  before the little Bridesmaids arrived .

Kelly then arrived  in the most beautiful of dresses before the ceremony was held in a converted Barn.

After finding some really good photo spots all the group images that the couple wanted were captured before we had some of the most personal and funniest of Speeches. I had to laugh ! The images like the whole day were full of Emotion and particularly excitement.

The night photography and dance images completed my coverage .

It was a pleasure to help Kelly and Ryan on their Wonderful Wedding day with Wedding Photography at Hyde Bank Farm.

by Rick Dell

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