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Rick Dell Photography - Katie and Asa’s Statham Lodge Wedding

Katie and Asa’s Statham Lodge Wedding

This lovely  Blog is written by the bride of the day Katie  Taylor, and describes her feelings of her Wonderful Wedding day at Statham Lodge.

Asa proposed on valentines day .
I didn’t have a clue that this was going to happen even at the meal he had arranged we were the only ones with flowers and champaign on the table and I still hadn’t clicked !!
I knew that I wanted a vintage style wedding and to keep the colours neutral.
The dress I had in mind was the complete opposite of what I actually went for and surprised everyone.
We did a pre wedding phot shoot one evening at Crosby beach with Rick Dell that was truly amazing and got us used to feeling comfortable in font of the camera .
Our wedding day was in August at Statham lodge hotel lymm.
This venue was perfect and had everything we wanted for our special day. It is family run and you were made to feel very welcome.
I stayed at the venue the evening before with my family and my bridesmaids.
On the morning of the wedding I woke up to feeling very calm and excited to the day ahead I didn’t feel nervous at all.
The weather was a little hit and miss that day and we had wanted to get married outside, luckily the weather held for us and this was made possible . That  made my day as I secretly had my heart set that we would be married outside.
We were due to get married at 2pm so the morning was very chilled out. This started with a lovely breakfast then went on to having our hair and make up done, sipping champaign having photographs taken and videoing the events of the day.
As time  was getting on we started to get into our dresses and getting ready to go down for the start of the wedding.
At this point I was surprised how calm I was I was looking forward to seeing all the guests and to see what people thought of my dress as I had kept this a secret from everyone.
My dad came to collect me which brought a tear to both of our eyes and we headed down.
Still calm I must add!
As we were placed into our spot ready to exit to outside that’s when it hit me! This is it!! I’m actually getting married!!!!
I said to my dad oh my god I’m going to cry and then I could feel the tears start!!!
He said you will be fine, don’t worry.
I tried to compose myself as we started to walk down the isle everyone just turned and all eyes were on me.!!
We had a pianist playing but I don’t remember hearing this until I watched the video back.
 We had 2 readings done by family and friends which was lovely and then that was it. I was married !!
We went on to have a lovely reception. The best man had everyone laughing with his speech and I’m sure he won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Followed by an amazing evening.
We had kept our first dance a secret and took to the floor for our first dance to ‘ I’ve had the time of my life’
It was amazing.
We said to each other would we have changed anything about the day and both our answers were no.
It was perfect .
The photographs are amazing and captured parts of the day that we didn’t see and are our memories of the day forever.
By Katie .
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