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Rick Dell Photography - Jessica and Andy’s Wedding at The Pinewood Hotel .

Jessica and Andy’s Wedding at The Pinewood Hotel .

Jessica and Andy’s Pinewood on Wilmslow wedding day was an emotional day  !

Firstly I was very nicely  recommended to do the wedding photography by Caroline and Ian a couple whose wedding I had done a few years earlier and friends to Jessica  and Andy .

Thank you to both of you and please keep up the good work .

The Pinewood On Wilmslow in Handforth  Cheshire is a very local venue for me  and a venue I have worked at many times.

It also has recently had lots of work and money  spent on it to modernise and enhance it to being a really nice wedding venue with good staff and and picturesque  gardens .

It was a hot sunny blue sky day as I travelled all of 5  minutes [ about 2miles ] to meet Jessica and her bridesmaids getting ready and having their make up done.

The emotion started with the arrival of a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Jessica then a present from her future husband Andy.

There was not much time to recover before Jessica’s Dad so her in her amazing wedding  dress for the first time.

But it was Andy’s overwhelming emotions  [ 2nd to no groom I have ever seen in 20 years  ] that added to this lovely wedding day , just before Jessica walked up the aisle with he Dad.

After the ceremony it was out into The Pinewood On Wilmslows garden for photos and the drinks reception .

There was lots of laughter, a band playing and drinks  on a very sunny wedding day . And a much more relaxed and happy Bride and Groom .

There was time for the couple to walk around and talk with guests and then after the wedding breakfast the Speeches and lots of emotion again and many laughs.

My coverage ended after the 1st Dance and it certainly was a pleasure to help such a lovely couple on their wedding day at The Pinewood On Wilmslow.

Here are some of my favorite images of the day .

by Rick Dell.



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