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Rick Dell Photography - Jan  Andy’s Wedding at The Bridge Hotel

Jan and Andy’s Wedding day was at The Bridge Hotel In Prestbury and it was a fantastic real family wedding with their young children fully involved in the day and their friends children in full attendance who also enjoyed the whole day .

It was Claire and Geoff who are friends of Jan and Andy who very kindly recommended to do the wedding photography , thank you Claire and Geoff and please keep up the good Work .

The Bridge Hotel in Prestbury cheshire is a very aptly named with a Bridge with in the hotel grounds , a bridge over the main road just outside the Hotel and even a very unique bridge in the suite where Jan and Andy were going to get married.

I would later capture images of Jan walking over this bridge to enter the ceremony suite just before walking up the aisle.

I met Jan and Andy before their wedding ceremony , Jan 1st and largely all day just captured natural images and emotions of the day as the day unfolded.

The ceremony was beautiful and very happy one with both their young  children close by during the ceremony and even helping with the wedding rings .

After the ceremony it was time for some images of Jan and Andy .

I not only decided to take advantage of the lovely ground in The Bridge in Prestbury but also to go out into the lovely Village of Prestbury with its old village shops and pubs.

The cars in the village even stopped for Jan and Andy as they walked down the road and this gave them far more different types of imagery for their Storybook.

Having captured all the images they wanted , I left the couple to miggle with the guests and then after the wedding breakfast ity was time for the speeches,

With the great very professional but equally very friendly and relaxed toastmaster Bob Williams who I can highly recommend to anyone for their wedding day .

The Speeches were fun and had everyone laughing around the room , it was even good to see Jan standing up to say some words , something I dont see often enough.

There was then the fun dancing and some night images over the The Bridge and then it was  time for me to finish my coverage on a throughly enjoyable wedding day for Jan and Andy.

And it certainly was a great pleasure To help Jan and Andy on their Wedding day at The Bridge Hotel  in Prestbury .

By Rick Dell

Toastmaster Bob Williams 07891 195292


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