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Rick Dell Photography - Hannah and Rick’s Sandhole Oak Barn Farm Wedding

Hannah and Rick’s Sandhole Oak Barn Farm Wedding

Hannah and Rick’s Wedding Day was at the very picturesque surroundings of Sandhole Oak Barn Farm near Congleton in Cheshire.

A fantastic venue and even better for Hannah and Rick it was a glorious , hot , sunny  blue sky day all day at Sandhole Oak Barn Farm .

This meant a outside wedding which I Love because it makes for great pictures with a Lake in the backdrop.

I also was looking forward to the exchange of wedding rings as Hannah and Rick had the great surprise of an Owl flying in with the rings for the best man.

My coverage started at Sandhole Oak Barn Farm with the Brides prepartions where Hannah was having make up and hair done, I also got a look at the beautiful dress and the shoes and flowers.

3 of the Bidesmaids were the couples 3 beautiful daughters .

And in the background I could see Hannah’s Dad nervously writing and looking through his speech for later.

There was the usual hive of activity, I then spotted the Best man practicing catching the owl with the wedding ring and then guests arriving.

It was then time for a few nerves as Hannah walked out for the ceremony and Rick was waiting for his bride .

There was then an emotional arrival by Hannah and  her Dad and the Bridesmaids.

The Owl during the ceremony did a great job, swooping up the aisle and landing perfectly on the Best mans arm with both rings . The pictures looked great with the blue sky and lake providing an amazing backdrop at Sandhole Oak Barn Farm.

Then we had 5 Doves taking off just after the cermony , a Raven and the Owls.

I then was able to capture many natural, fun and romantic images of the very happy couple and we walked around the farm .

After the photography it was time for more drinks on this hot wedding day and then the very funny speeches.

They were funny , the best man did the usual character assassination of the groom who was left with his hands accross his face and shaking his head .

After the meal there was singing dancing and some time for night images by the Lake.

There was a romantic 1st dance and then Hannah had a dance with her Dad.

It was certainly a great pleasure to help Hannah and Rick on their wedding  day at Sandhole Oak Barn Farm.

The images below are some of my favorites at Sanhole Oak Barn Farm near Congleton in Cheshire.







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