Rick Dell Photography - Family Portrait Shoot at Bramhall Hall

Family Portrait Shoot at Bramhall Hall

I had the great pleasure recently of meeting Rachel and Sean and there 1 year old son Finley , and of course their family pet dog called Charlie who was very much part of the family and this photo shoot at Bramhall park in Cheshire and greater Manchester.

Rachel contacted me after receiving a gift voucher given to her as a present for the family portrait sitting and a framed picture. I offer all kinds of Packages and all my Git Vouchers are personalised .

We met at the park and I just let Rachel’s family just go to the play area , walk around the park pond , woods and paths as if I was not there. Most of these images were captured with little direction by me. The family would then have natural images and also  as stated on my Facebook page the family had a great time.

The shoot would be enjoyable for all including Charlie the dog who went for a swim in the pond.

This blog contains just some of the images captured on the shoot

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