Alison and Aex’s Cottons Reception.

The Bride and grooms review.

Rick, thank you so so much for the fantastic compilation of photographs that you captured for us at our wedding celebration at the Cottons Hotel and Spa on Saturday 13th September. We had a fun time working with you to capture the perfect shots within and around the grounds of the hotel throughout the afternoon and into the evening. You worked extremely hard, a true professional through and through. It has been difficult selecting our favourite 90 for our wedding album because there are so,many beautiful photographs. Thank you once again for that extra special touch. We would have no hesitatation in recommending, you, your talent and professionalism.
All the very best, Kind regards  x

by Alison & Sandor Balazs (Aka Alex)
at Cottons Hotel and Spa


Alison and Alex’s evening wedding reception at Cottons hotel in Knutsford  Cheshire

I had the great pleasure of Photographing Alison and Alex’s evening wedding resection at Cottons hotel in Knutsford  , Cheshire.

They had already had there marriage ceremony on the Greek island of Santorini a few weeks earlier.

I therefore was asked to do the photography for there evening reception with their friends and family .

I therefore met Alison and Alex in the very late afternoon for some photographs around Cottons Hotel in Knutsford.

Alison  looked beautiful with her dress and hair was done by a mutual friend Christina Newton of   Bespoke Wedding and event hair by chrisalis hair Design”. Again Christina did an extra great job for Alison.

After spending time with the couple we did a few family group images and then it was time for all their  guests to arrive for a fabulous evening reception  . This included a brilliant singer called Michelle Lee ,

There was also an amazing wedding cake by Marise  of  Bloomsbury cakes in Altrincham


There was very funny speeches and lots of Dancing.

I was able to capture lots of informal images as the evening unfolded, It was a most enjoyable evening reception at Cottons Hotel . Thank you and Congratulation’s to Alison and Alex.

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